Repower community

Community before Polluters

Divesting our homes from the Big Polluters is just the start of growing a movement that will put Australia on track to break free from dirty power.

Repower groups are springing up across the country to support communities as they move beyond the Big Polluters and put their support behind clean energy. By taking action together we can amplify the story every time someone divests, introduce our vision to new audiences and campaign for iconic businesses and institutions in our communities to also stand up to the Big Polluters.

As the Repower network grows AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia will feel the heat and our political leaders will have no choice but to put the people before the polluters.  

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Three ways to Repower

You and some friends, or your local community group can start taking away the power of the Big Polluters and Repowering your community with clean energy.


Repower Champions

Encourage local businesses, community groups, councils or schools to become Repower Champions by leaving the Big Polluters and becoming clean energy advocates. 


Run community stalls and events to get more Big Polluter customers signed up to use their Power for Change.


Join others across the country to expose the Big Polluters’ climate and health impacts in national days of action or your own creative local stunts.


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Can’t see a group near you? Want to start one? Click here to register your interest and the Power for Change team will be in touch to get you started