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Four steps to divest and make it count


Put your company on notice

Join the Power for Change campaign and notify your power company that you plan to divest from climate pollution and health damage. If you’re with one of the Big 3, we’ve created a simple tool to make it easy for you to put them on notice. Just click for AGL, Origin or EnergyAustralia. If you’re with a different polluter, sign up and let us know which company you’re with.

Make your concerns known

Before divesting, make sure your company, family, friends and community know why you’re giving your energy company the flick. We’ll send you resources to help: spread the word on social media, call and pressure your company and to meet up with people in your community that are also taking action.

Find a new power provider

Choose a power company that provides 100% clean energy and supports climate action. We’ll send you information to help make the choice.

Tell Everyone! 

Once you’ve made your concerns known and found a new power company, it’s time to turn words into action and divest! Exactly when you divest, is your choice, however we recommend that you wait for a national day of action so you can join hundreds of others saying goodbye to the Big Polluters.



Frequently Asked Questions

Once you put your company on notice we will send you all the resources you need to divest, including a guide for finding a new energy company.

To make the most of your power as a customer, we suggest spreading the four steps above over several months. This will allow you plenty of time to make your concerns heard and for the company to see complaints build up from lots of households across the country. Once several thousand people have taken the pledge – we’ll organise a national day of action for people to divest together and amplify each other’s actions.
But, if you just can’t stand being with the Big Polluters a day longer – than divest, divest, divest! Just make sure you spread the word on social media and in your community.

Recent years have shown that people power can shift the decisions of some of the biggest corporate players. In 2015 sustained community pressure pushed Australia’s biggest bank, Commonwealth, to distance itself from Adani’s mega coal project in Queensland. Last year, the Gloucester community finally won a long fought campaign to stop AGL, Australia’s biggest polluter, from developing CSG wells in their valley.

The vast majority of Australians support clean energy and are also customers of the Big Polluters. As we build a national network of individuals and communities taking action together, AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia will be forced to clean up their act.

The Power For Change campaign is focused on the electricity that the Big Polluters generate and sell. Gas is a fossil fuel and, like coal, there must be a plan to phase it out. There is no such thing as a ‘clean’ gas option. The longer term solution is for people to transition to electricity powered by clean energy.

Power For Change is focused on AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia as the three companies that dominate Australia’s the power market, and are the biggest blockers of climate change action.

There are many other power companies that are also polluting our climate and health. If you are with one of these companies you can still join the Power For Change campaign and use our resources to put your company on notice, divest and support clean energy in your community.

If you power your house with solar PV or have moved to a clean energy company like Powershop or Diamond Energy — congratulations! As someone already backing clean energy at home, you might be interested to build this movement in your community through the Repower campaign – find out more here.

Many people have opted to buy a percentage or all of their energy from green power through the big energy companies. Whilst the Big Polluters do operate and generate some renewable energy, it’s a small fraction of their coal and gas portfolios. The most important thing you can do is become an active citizen and challenge the spin of the Big Polluters. Divestment is a powerful way to do that. And the good news is that there are 100% clean energy companies that you can join.