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The Big Polluters’ dirty power

Australia’s power companies are some of the world’s dirtiest, polluting the planet and our health at an alarming rate. Over one third of Australia’s climate pollution comes from the power sector and coal power alone is responsible for at least $2.6 billion per year in health costs.

AGL, EnergyAustralia and Origin are the biggest culprits.



Discover the dirty power of the Big Polluters

AGL are Australia’s BIGGEST climate polluter releasing over 43 million tonnes of CO2 every year


  • THE TOXIC COCKTAIL — Bayswater (Hunter Valley, NSW) releases more air pollutants than any other power station in the country. It’s a toxic cocktail of substances that, when inhaled, can cause respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous system and other serious health effects. AGL plans to keep Bayswater open until 2035.


  • PAST-ITS-USE-BY-DATE — 46 year old, Liddell (Hunter Valley, NSW) is one of the oldest power stations in the country. AGL has spent millions to keep it running, despite acknowledging that the optimum lifespan for a station is only 25-30 years. The lake next to Liddell has been permanently closed to the public due to the ongoing presence of a potentially lethal amoeba.

AGL-loy yang

  • CARBON BELCHER — burning brown coal, Loy Yang (LaTrobe Valley, Vic)  the most carbon pollution of any power station in Australia. Yet, AGL plans to keep it running until 2048.
There are many links between AGL and our politicians. Craig Emerson (Former Trade Minister), Greg Combet (Former Climate Change Minister), Tony Chappell (NSW Premier’s Chief of Staff) all went to work for AGL soon after leaving political office.
AGL has been found guilty on several occasions for making donations to political parties to win favourable approvals for its coal seam gas projects.  

Not where you want your power coming from? Put AGL on notice that you’ll divest from its coal and gas.


Australia’s number 2 climate polluter spewing over 22 million tonnes of polluting CO2 into our atmosphere every year


  • DIRTY-AS — As of April 2017, Yallourn (in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria), became Australia’s most carbon intensive power station.


  • MINE-THE-WATER — Mount Piper (Lithgow, NSW) is fed by large open-cut coal mines within Sydney’s fragile drinking water catchment. This includes the controversial Springvale mine which has been approved for multiple expansions despite an independent expert panel finding the mine had led to a “very significant drop” in water levels in an endangered swamp. Together the mines in the region have had a serious impact on the local environment, polluted the water, drained swamps and rivers and caused dangerous subsidence.

Not where you want your power coming from? Put EnergyAustralia on notice that you’ll divest from its coal and gas.



Origin is Australia’s number four climate polluter emitting over 18 million tonnes of polluting CO2 every year


  • NASTY NEIGHBOUR — For decades, Eraring (Central Coast, NSW) power stations has polluted the air breathed in by thousands of families in the central coast and Lake Macquarie region. Recently, Origin was fined by the NSW Government for allowing large amounts of fly ash to blow across the community.

Origin-Darling Downs

  • CSG GUZZLER — the Darling Downs (QLD) gas station burns coal seam gas, which pollutes waterways, sets rivers on fire and damages community health.
Origin has pushed hard for Australia to become one of the world’s largest exporters of Liquid Natural Gas, which is driving the boom in coal seam gas extraction and fracking across Queensland. Experts, suggest that the climate impact of CSG is significantly higher than what Origin reports.

A whistleblower claims former Origin CEO Grant King oversaw a major cover up of non-compliance across the CSG business that put the health and lives of communities at risk.

Not where you want your power coming from? Put Origin on notice that you’ll divest from its coal and gas.